Sandscape Moving Sand Art 12 Inches - Home Decor

Color: Blue
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Ever Changing Art

Bring home something exotic and calming. Something unlike other things we decorate our rooms with. Made of glass and plastic with soothing colors, the Sandscape figurine is the perfect addition to your home or office decor. Every time you flip it over, the sand starts to move and slowly form deserts, oceans, mountains. 

Relieve Stress

When you look at the various visuals of sandscape, the grains of sand are falling slowly, making you feel that the whole world is becoming quieter, breathing slower, and releasing pressure.

Features -

  • Smooth movement of sand relieves stress, relaxes your eyes and increases patience.
  • Each flip can produce a completely non-repetitive dynamic painting.
  • It is conducive to the development of intelligence and improve mood.
  • The glass frame is crystal clear and luxurious.
  • The inner frame of the plastic has a strong concave and convex feel.
  • Suitable for living room and bedroom decoration.

Technical Specifications –

  • Product Size: 12inch
  • Product Weight:
  • Material: Acrylic, Glass, Quicksand

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