Spread THAT! Butter Knife - Gold Limited Edition

Color: Red
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IF Product Design Award 
Houseware Innovation Award

Butter Knife That Melts Butter As You Spread

The golden SpreadTHAT! softens butter for quicker, easier spreading by carrying warmth from the palm of your hand to the edge of the blade. Use the serrated edge to shave off fine curls of butter straight onto your toast, and then gently draw the blade over them for a smoother, more even layer of butter right out of the fridge. No waiting, no clumping – just a better slice of toast, made easy.
Perfect for: butter, peanut butter, chocolate spread, cream cheese, and more.

Heat Transfer

Slice through the coldest and hardest blocks of butter with the greatest of ease using this butter knife. The highly heat conductive copper alloy knife transfers your body heat to its edge, allowing you to spread the butter smoothly. The SpreadThat! has a food safe titanium coating that is non-toxic and food-contact safe. The knife is also wash safe.
No electricity, no pre-heating, no need to change your habit.

Features –

  • Heat Conducting Technology
  • Titanium Coating
  • PVD Nano Particle Coating
  • Safe round edges
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy Operation
  • Wash Safe

Technical Specifications –

  • Product Size: 16.5 x 0.635 x 1.59 cm
  • Product Weight: 85 grams
  • Material: Copper Alloy Heat Tubes, Titanium, Silicone

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