Wireless Tire Inflator & Vacuum Cleaner with LCD Display & LED Lights

Color: Black
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Experience unmatched versatility with our portable Tyre inflator & Vacuum Cleaner – an all-in-one solution designed to inflate car and bike tires and effortlessly tackle dust and debris, making it a vital addition to every household. Its sleek, feather-light design ensures easy portability and convenient storage, making it the perfect companion for road trips or a handy tool to keep in your car boot.

Key Features:

LED Colour Screen Display: The vivid LED colour screen display and user-friendly controls make it a breeze to use, whether you're inflating a tire or cleaning up a mess.

 Premium Construction: Crafted with premium materials and powered by a robust 7.4V motor, this vacuum cleaner guarantees excellent performance and durability.

 Versatile Accessories: The package includes a pump, filter, USB line, inflation tube, nozzle, car pump nozzles, bicycle conversion head, storage bag, and manual, offering a comprehensive set of accessories for various tasks.

 Powerful Battery: Equipped with a 4400mAh, 18650 lithium battery, providing reliable and long-lasting power for your cleaning needs.

Wide Temperature Range: Suitable for use in diverse environments with a working temperature range from -20°C to 40°C.

Quick Charging: The vacuum cleaner charges swiftly in about 3 hours using a Type-C USB charging method.

Multiple Functions:

  •   Inflates automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle tires.
  •   Functions as a ball inflator.
  •   Features night lighting and SOS light for emergencies.
  •   Acts as a vacuum cleaner for efficient cleaning.
  •   Allows presetting and detecting tire pressure with an auto-stop feature.

 Scene Modes: Easily switch between 2.5BAR for cars, 2.2BAR for motorcycles, 45PSI for bicycles, and 9PSI for balls with the scene mode function.

Maximum Pressure: Reachable pressure of up to 150psi/10.3BAR/310KPA/3.15kg/cm² ensures efficient performance.

Compact Dimensions: With overall dimensions of 29cm H x 5.5cm W x 5.5cm D, it's a compact yet powerful cleaning companion.

Lightweight: Weighing only 0.8 kilograms, it's easy to handle and carry wherever you go.

Warranty: Backed by a 1-year product warranty, this vacuum cleaner is your go-to tool for any cleaning task. Upgrade your cleaning experience with this versatile and reliable device.

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