Townew T3 Recyclable Refill Ring (Pack of 6)

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The refill rings of the T3 trash can were designed not to harm our environment at all – designed and crafted to be safe, efficient and environmental friendly.

Yes, our refill rings are 100% recyclable!

TOWNEW Refill Rings are environmentally efficient and friendly. The refill rings are carefully crafted to be safe and effective with the intention to better our planet.

TOWNEW trash bags are tough and large in capacity, built to make it easier to accommodate your family's monthly usage.

Easy to replace.

Each refill rings contains up to 20 durable trash bags, each lasting approximately one month. Simply replace the refill ring about once a month, and that's it! No more fumbling with bags that don't fit or seal properly.

Main Features

  • Removable Refill Rings: Each refill ring contains up to 20 environmentally friendly trash bags, each lasting up to one month.
  • Advanced Sealing Technology: designed to make your life easier, to be moisture and water resistant - seals the trash bag inside to guarantee no spillage or exposure to any bad odor.
  • Recyclable Refill Rings: Made of Polypropylene Plastic (PE) making them 100% recyclable


Compatible with: TOWNEW T3 Self cleaning automatic dustbin
Material: Recyclable Polypropylene Plastic
Product Weight: 123 gram / ring
Product Size: 24.82 x 13.92 x 3.6 cm / ring

What's in the box?

6 pack of Recyclable TOWNEW T3 Refill Rings

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