Luxury Watch Stand - Single Cushion (Marble Base) - Black

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With this luxury watch stand you can store your watch stylishly and safely, and you keep your timepiece in optimal condition. Where you normally simply put your watch on a bedside table or table after a long day of wear, a watch standard offers you the opportunity to store your favorite timepiece with care (and love). This prevents unnecessary scratches and damage and keeps your watch in perfect condition.

Stylish design
By using a watch stand you keep your timepieces in top condition and store them in a tasteful way. For example, by using high-quality materials and sleek design, your collection is optimally protected and stylishly displayed.

A watch stand not only displays your watch beautifully, but also creates a permanent place for it. By placing your watch on the stand, you know exactly where it is and searches are a thing of the past in the morning. So you are always ready to go and you will never lose your timepiece again.

Cushion material: PU Leather
Material plateau: Luxurious 'Obsidian Black & White' marble
Standard colors: Black stainless steel (stainless steel)

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